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ECHO MARK V trials bike now available !

Posté Par: Nicolas Ollier Dans: Category 1 Sur: jeudi, mars 23, 2017 Frapper: 8714
The Echo mark V trials bikes are now in stock, available in 20" and 26" size for the amazing price of 879€ only!

Vélos Jitsie Varial disponibles !

Posté Par: Dans: Category 1 Sur: mercredi, mars 22, 2017 Frapper: 5450

Cadres Jitsie VARIAL en stock

Posté Par: Dans: Category 1 Sur: mardi, mars 21, 2017 Frapper: 2429

New Breath products available...

Posté Par: Dans: Category 1 Sur: lundi, mars 20, 2017 Frapper: 2725
NEW Breath Products: new stems, new cranks, new freewheels (135pts).

Jack Carthy signature parts in stock

Posté Par: Dans: Category 1 Sur: dimanche, mars 19, 2017 Frapper: 2134
We received the new componants from Trialtech, developped with the collaboration of Jack Carthy. Grips,...

Arrival of Echo TI and TI pro models

Posté Par: Dans: Category 1 Sur: samedi, mars 18, 2017 Frapper: 2188
We just got the very high end Echo TI and Ti pro models, in 20" and 26". These bikes are fitted with the...

New products from Breath available now!

Posté Par: Dans: Category 1 Sur: vendredi, mars 17, 2017 Frapper: 2571
We just add to our website the new products from Breath: new carbon bars (developped in collaboration with...

Nullam ullamcorper nisl quis ornare molestie

Posté Par: Dans: Sur: mercredi, décembre 18, 2013 Frapper: 248
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