Clean light bashplate

Bashplate from CLEAN ! Strong version (thicker) for a better protection and longer life.

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20.75€ tax incl.


New bashplate design from Spanish brand Clean!

Unlike conventional bashplates, the Clean Light Bashplate is split into two pieces making it as light as possible while still providing good support and stability.

Suitable for use on several modern 20" trials frames including the Clean X1, Ozonys Curve HYD V4, V5 and
V6, B1K3 Ekinox and others. NOT suitable for use with any Koxx frame, the Because Color 2014, Breath
Yes, Hashtagg OpenSpace or any 3-bolt bashplate design frames. If you are unsure, please get in touch!

Available in anodised red finish only.

Supplied with steel bolts and plastic washers.

Weight (including all bolts and washers): 42.4g

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